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Templates and Instructions for Document Uploads

Extended Abstracts and Full Papers

Scientific papers categorized by theme will be subjected to a peer review process to assure maximum quality. The final acceptance of the presented works is based on the result of the review of the full papers, which is performed by the International Scientific Committee. The proceedings will be published in collaboration with Taylor & Francis and will be indexed in a bibliographic database.

The Microsoft Word templates (two-column text) are the same for Extended Abstracts and Full Papers. The only difference is the maximum number of pages allowed. Extended Abstracts are limited to two pages. Full papers are limited to eight pages.


Word templates and instructions are located below:

Please make sure to first review the ReadMe file above.

Any of the two versions (A4 format or U.S. letter format) are OK to use. The Copyright Transfer Form is available above. It should be submitted with the full paper, but it applies to both extended abstracts and full papers. The job options file (CPI_AR_PDF1.7.joboptions) above should be used to create the pdf file. You will need to use the option “embedded fonts” in PDF-file preparation (see guidelines to create PDF files.pdf). Please be sure that all letter fonts are included when you create the PDF file (see guidelines_to_create_PDF files.pdf). PDF files from scanned documents are not acceptable.

Please make sure your paper is prepared and formatted according to the instructions for text, figures, references, etc. If a paper does not follow proper format, it will be returned to the authors. If the LOC does not get the paper in correct format by the appropriate deadline (for either Extended Abstracts or Full Papers), the paper will be rejected.

Please make sure color figures, if included, print well in black and white, as the extended abstracts will be published as a book with black and white figures. This is a lesser concern for the electronic book containing full papers. The publisher will reduce your paper to 75 percent and print it in black. For this reason, please check if your figures will be legible after reduction.

The LOC does not accept any submission via email.

The members of the LOC are looking forward to receiving your contribution and hope to meet you in July 2016 in St. Louis, USA.

Online Submission

Both the Extended Abstracts and the Full Papers will need to be uploaded via our online submission system as both Word and PDF files. You will be asked to specify the conference theme to which you want to submit.

If you want to submit to one of the special sessions, please click on the appropriate button. Papers submitted to a special session will be directly reviewed by the organizer of that session. If there is no slot available in the chosen special session, the paper will be automatically assigned to the corresponding theme and reviewed as a regular submission.

If your paper fulfills the requirements (link to that) and you would like your paper to be considered for the Stephen Coleman award, please click on the appropriate button.

Online submission for Extended Abstracts will open on July 1, 2015, and end on Sept. 1, 2015.

Once you submit the Full Paper, you will also need to submit the Copyright Transfer Form.


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Last modified on March 31st, 2016
Posted on April 29th, 2015