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Invited Speakers

As part of the conference, we have an exciting series of invited plenary lectures presented by leading  scientists whose areas of interest focus on diverse aspects of river research.

  • Prof. Mustafa Altinakar, University of Mississippi, “Dam Safety in the USA and Numerical Dam-break Modeling for Decision Support in Critical Infrastructure Protection”
  • Prof. Edwin Cowen, Cornell University, “Exploiting Turbulence Metrics and Secondary Flows in Straight River Reaches and Open Channels”
  • Prof. Gerald Galloway, University of Maryland, “Mark Twain, the Mississippi, and ‘Modern’ River Engineering”
  • Prof. Peter Goodwin, University of Idaho, “Science to Inform Resilient Management of  Rivers in a Changing World”
  • Prof. Willi Hager, ETH Zurich, “Erosion Processes of River Dikes”
  • Prof. Ellen Wohl, Colorado State University, “Messy Rivers are Healthy Rivers: The Importance of Physical Complexity in River Ecosystems”


Last modified on March 28th, 2016
Posted on July 29th, 2015