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List of Technical Exhibitors

River Flow 2016 Exhibitors:

SequoiaSciLogo-clear-black-250px wide.fwSequoia Scientific Inc

Sequoia Scientific manufactures instruments for measuring particles suspended in water. Our LISST family of products is widely used from the deep sea to shallow mountain streams to your lab bench. Stop by to see the our full line of instruments, including our new LISST-ABS acoustic backscatter sensor and LISST-200X. The LISST-ABS is a brand new instrument purposely built to monitor suspended sediment using acoustics instead of optics. It has a wider dynamic range, better calibration, and is less prone to biofouling than traditional optical backscatter sensors. The LISST-200X is a new version of the LISST-100X.


SonTek – a Xylem brand – is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of advanced technology that measures the movement and flow of water-advancing environmental science in over 100 countries. We produce affordable, reliable acoustic Doppler instrumentation for water velocity measurement in oceans, rivers, lakes, canals, harbors, estuaries, and laboratories. Our instruments use sound waves to tell you how fast water is moving, where it is moving, and even if it is moving at all. Our customers are scientists, engineers, hydrologists, research associates, water resource planners, and anyone who needs to collect velocity data in every kind of body of water imaginable.

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Last modified on April 4th, 2016
Posted on April 4th, 2016