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III. Data Import Procedures

Now we are ready to add some data into our Hydrologic Database. We will add the DEM and the blue lines.

  1. Importing the DEM:
    • On CUENCAS select “File => Import => Import DEM => From USGS BIL”
    • Find and select the directory where you downloaded and uncompress the USGS DEM. Usually it will be a directory named by 10 digits.
    • Select the repository directory for download (use the default directory).
    • If everything went OK your “Topography Database” tree, on the left panel of CUENCAS should look like this (double click the “Elevation Maps” folder):

      Topography database.

      Topography database.


  2. Importing the Blue Lines:
  • This step is even simpler. Just uncompress the “483105.HY.opt.gz” that you downloaded. A file called 483105.HY.opt, will be created. You will have to change the extension to this file from .opt to .dlg. This can be done using the Windows Explorer, by editing the filename.
  • Copy the renamed file to the directory “Vectors” inside the “Test_Database” that you previously created.
  • Finally, go to “File => Recent Databases => Test_Database” to refresh the Database structure.
Last modified on January 18th, 2013
Posted on January 17th, 2013