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In Preparation

Papers (as collaborator)

  • Hydrologic-Hydraulic modeling of sediment transport: the roles of river network and channel geometry on watershed sediment yield – Bressan F., Mantilla, R., Schilling K. E., Palmer J. A., and Weber L. (River Research and Applications)
  • RainyDay: A Remote Sensing-Driven Tool for Assessing Rainfall-Driven Hazards – Daniel B. Wright, Ricardo Mantilla,  Christa D. Peters-Lidard (Environmental Modelling & Software)
  • Precipitation Effects on Motor Vehicle Crashes Vary by Space, Time and Environmental Conditions – James Tamerius, Xun Zhou, Ricardo Mantilla, Tina Greenfiled-Huitt (Accident Analysis & Prevention)
  • Hydrologic Impacts of Subsurface Drainage at the Field Scale: Climate, Landscape and Anthropogenic Controls – Brandon & Nandita (J of H)
  • Hydrologic Impacts of Subsurface Drainage at the Watershed Scale: Climate, Landscape and Anthropogenic Controls – Brandon & Nandita (J of H)
  • On the propagation of diel signals in river networks using analytic solutions of flow equations – M. Fonley, R. Mantilla, S. J. Small, and R. Curtu (HESS)
  • Optimal location of small ponds for flood control – Federico (Journal of Hydrologic Engineering)
  • Model based rating curves (Journal of Hydrologic Engineering)
  • Identifying the Lower Bound of Fractal Drainage Networks. Matthew A. Luck, Ricardo Mantilla, Bruce T. Milne, and Vijay K. Gupta (WRR).
  • Statistical Scaling for Peak Flows in Random Self-similar River Networks: Variable Velocity Case. R. Mantilla, and Gupta, V.K. (AWR)
  • Identifying a Rescaled Rating Curve for the Whitewater Basin in Kansas. Mantilla R, Clayton J, Gupta V.K. and Krajewski, W.F. (GRL).

Papers (as first author)

  • Analytic solution of river network hydrograph (J of H)
  • Non-linear velocity in RSNs (NGP)
  • The Iowa Flood Center Flood Forecasting System: Translating Scaling-science into Forecasting-applications (AWR)
  • Application of the IFC modeling methodology to DMIP basins and the Colorado Floods (AWR)
  • Reinterpretation of Curve Number (AWR)
  • Propagation of non-linearities and thresholds in Cedar River basin (J of H)
  • Propagation of non-linearitiesand thresholds in RSNs (J of H)
  • Effect of multiple reservoirs in a basin (WRR)
  • Anatomy of extreme floods in Iowa (J of Climate)
Last modified on February 28th, 2017
Posted on April 23rd, 2015