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Shallow Flows Symposium: Main Topics

  1. Laboratory and eddy resolving (DNS, LES, hybrid RANS-LES) numerical investigations of fundamental physical processes and transport mechanisms in:

    • Shallow mixing layers and jets
    • Shallow wakes
    • Shallow open channels (roughness effects, vegetation, curvature effects)
  2. Experimental and numerical investigations of the transport of heat, solutes, and pollutants in canonical shallow flows or simplified geometries

  3. Field studies and numerical investigations of shallow flows at field conditions and/or in realistic geometries

  4. Experimental and numerical aspects of sediment transport and morphodynamics in shallow flows

  5. Shallow flows and stratification

  6. Engineering applications of shallow flows

  7. Analytical modeling of shallow flows

  8. Innovative field and laboratory instrumentation for study of shallow flows

  9. Shallow flow models for prediction of flood-related phenomena and flood mitigation

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