Watersheds & Rivers

The study of rivers and watersheds has been a primary area of research at IIHR since the institute’s founding more than a century ago. From early modeling efforts that helped support the creation of the nine-foot navigation channel in the Mississippi River to today’s Iowa Watershed Approach, IIHR researchers have been at the forefront of riverine research.

Did You Know?

IIHR’s fieldwork capabilities support our research with accurate data on river flow rates, velocities, depths, water quality, and more.

Other capabilities include:

  • Single-beam and multi-beam bathymetric surveys
  • Sediment sampling and coring with an onboard drilling rig
  • Large-scale particle image velocimetry (LSPIV)
  • Development and deployment of flood-related instrumentation
A group of staff and students outside the main entrance to IIHR

The Iowa Flood Center is helping build a more flood-resilient Iowa with science-based information and research.

Muddy brown water flows through an Iowa river

The Iowa Watershed Approach offers a vision for Iowa’s future, building a watershed-based community to achieve proactive goals, including flood reduction and mitigation and improved water quality.