IIHR Modeling Project

Clients near and far seek IIHR expertise on water projects

In this photo gallery by Office of Strategic Communication photographer Tim Schoon, IIHR engineers designed and built scale models of a complex water-retention and storage system for municipal, agricultural, and other major water users in eastern Colorado, where water supply can fluctuate.

CEE graduate student recognized for deep commitment to civic responsibility and leadership

Alexis Slade, a University of Iowa PhD candidate in civil and environmental engineering, has received the President's Student Leadership Award. The award recognizes an individual student or a student organization that models a deep commitment to civic responsibility and leadership.

Knutson receives Excellence in Safety Award

The University of Iowa's Laboratory Safety Committee has recognized Chris Knutson, lab director at IIHR—Hydroscience and Engineering, with the Excellence in Safety Award – Individual Recognition. Knutson manages laboratories for graduate research.

University of Iowa eyeing $40M hydraulics facility in Coralville

The University of Iowa’s world-renowned hydroscience and engineering center wants to build a new $40 million hydraulic modeling facility in Coralville — an endeavor aimed at maintaining the program’s leadership and innovation in an increasingly-relevant field.

Biotech firm’s philanthropy sponsors Iowa engineering research

An environmental biotechnology firm is innovating how philanthropy can support University of Iowa research in hopes of creating a business case for diverting waste from the landfill and converting it into energy.
Current IIHR research facility

UI seeks permission to plan new hydroscience research building to grow program

The UI is seeking approval from the Iowa Board of Regents at its April 24-25 meeting to proceed with planning the construction of a new building on the Oakdale campus for future growth and development of the IIHR hydroscience program. The project would create a larger space for hydraulic model studies for waterways such as canals, large rivers and dams, and spillways.
Tornado destruction

University of Iowa researchers rally after Coralville lab destroyed by 2023 tornado

A look at what's happened since the March 31, 2023, tornado struck IIHR's James Street Laboratory in Coralville.
Monitoring Iowa's water levels

Iowa researchers advocate for a drought information system, but lack funding

The project, which would require about $500,000 upfront, would congregate hordes of drought-related data for residents to easily access.
Keri Hornbuckle
Qin Dong conducting research

‘It’s corn!’

Environmental engineering students explore new use of corn to improve public health